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Noble Kingdom

The king has died and left no heir Noble Kingdomthrowing the kingdom into turmoil!

In Noble Kingdom players take control of the noble houses of a fantasy kingdom. Players must balance their desire to take the crown against the good of the kingdom while making sure that their noble family survives. The players will have to make key decisions and broker agreements with the other noble houses.

Do you commit troops to fight off a kobold incursion or do you hold your troops in reserve in case a more sinister threat emerges? Do you help quell a political scandal that has enveloped an allied house or do you exploit it? Are you willing to marry off your sons and daughters in exchange for vital research or gold?

Noble Kingdom is a game for three to six players and only requires six sided dice and pencils to play. It is easy to learn but difficult to master. Every game tells a story of triumph and tragedy. It is the perfect game to fill an evening with when your game master is unable to prepare an adventure.

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