Space Conspiracy - Personal Tank

One of the many vehicles detailed in Space Conspiracy, the Willy Personal Tank is a single person vehicle that represents an attempt to make military grade hardware available to the general population. While still not affordable for most civilians, members of the upper class, agents of nefarious organizations, and successful adventurers may have the means to acquire this vehicle.

The Willy Personal tank is armored well enough to shrug off attacks from anything less than heavy weaponry. It has only a single, forward, fixed weapons mount, but can accommodate anything from a Beam Spammer, to a Jericho Cannon, or even a Purple Plasma Pulse Gun. The idea of such a vehicle in the hands of civilians is a nightmare for some security experts, but other experts disagree.

Jeremy Stress, a galactic traffic ground control expert, says, "Anyone that has ever been stuck in mid-day traffic in Plesa VIII, Yarvas VII, or, God forbid, Los Angeles, knows that something has to be done about traffic congestion. This is just the vehicle to do it. While not large enough to really crush anything in its path, this little tank is more than capable of shoving most things out of its way. And if you actually manage to mount a cannon, on the front of this thing? Whoa! Look out! You'll see traffic start moving again, trust me."

When asked if he was concerned about innocent people being hurt by rampaging private tanks, Jeremy said, "It's a mercy killing for anyone that has been trapped in a vehicle for three or more hours, just waiting for the car in front of him to move another inch. There's no reason the stupid lane you are in should be closed anyway. There's perfectly usable road there! The construction guys just don't want to bother moving the barrels. It wouldn't be so bad if the guy in the lane over would let me in. I have my blinker on, but he just keeps me blocked. Look at him with his smug little face. He's so proud of himself that he managed to get over into a lane that's not closing. I tell you, he's the kind of guy that's I'm going to reserve the cannon for. I'll blow his smug smirk clean off his face."

Shortly after this interview, Jeremy was placed in a quiet setting where his traffic flashbacks won't get him so riled up.

Despite concerns of the chaos that people like Jeremy might cause in a personal tank, the vehicle has begun to show up in some of the more lawless, chaotic cities in the galaxy, but it won't be dominating traffic everywhere. Despite the frightening capabilities of the Willy Personal tank, it is still considered to be too under-armored and under-gunned to be of much use in Detroit.